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Frequently Asked Questions
Q : Do I need to register to use the website ( )
A :

As a prospective tutee or tutor , you can  search the website for tutors and tutees.However, you would be unable to contact anyone unless you are fully registered

Q : Do I need to pay to use the services on this website to find a Tutor or Tutee ( )
A :

Tutors register  for  free.  Tutees are expected to pay a token called release fees. It would be great for Tutees to know that they have a very high chance of securing quality Tutors when they are willing to pay a small release fee.  Quality Tutors rarely register on free websites that promise Tutees free pass to Tutor details. It is your choice if you consider your educational future any worthwhile investment.

Q : As a Tutor , what qualification do I need? ( )
A :


Good Tutors have a wide range of  abilities and qualification.  University students, graduates, professionals or just anyone with the passion , aptitude and experience can be a very good Tutor. However, this is subject to what the prospective Tutee is looking for in their Tutor. 

This is why Tutors should make their profiles to give a good explanation of their qualification and experience if any. Prospective Tutees might also send email in order to confirm some details about the Tutor.



Q : Do Tutors work for Collegetutors ? ( )
A :

 No,  Tutors do not work for Collegetutors. Tutors are self employed. We only advertise their services and we maintain the website for such purpose.

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