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About Us

Collegetutors is a unique website dedicated to helping students find in a tutor for a specific subject and a specific geographical area, through very simple steps!

Tutors can advertise their skills with us; we put a wide range of web tools to their disposition, notably their very own profile site! There’s so much more to it, so have a look at some of our templates now.

Students! this place is a mine of treasure! The benefit of College tutors is double: You can come to the site for help you’re looking for a competent, qualified, first class tutor that will guide you through your exam, then this is the place to look!

Collegetutors was created with the following points in mind:

For Students/Guardians

1. Make the search for tutors EASY!

2. Allows students and guardians to view detailed tutor profiles, so you can get to know a tutor before you get in touch with them.

3. Allows students/guardians to contact individual tutors via the tutor profiles.

4. Create a student/tutors interface on the forum.

For Tutors

6. Ever wanted to advertise your skills on your own site? With College Tutor it is very easy tocreate and edit your own page.

7. Advertise your skills and show them off! Tutors can show their knowledge by answering students questions on the forum.

8. You can also discuss related topics with other tutors via the forum.

9. Local tutor aims to provide you with the tools for success. Tutors can learn how attract more visitors to their profiles.

10. You can also learn how to optimise your website so that it is easy to find with any search engine!

So join us now, for an easy and affective way to advertise your skills or to find the local tutor that will help you through that tricky subject!

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