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Welcome to Collage Tutors! The Private Tuition Service

GCSE, A-levels 2015  Half Term Revision Crash Course ! February 14-22, 2015


-Its amazing but you can be ready for the exams in 1 day ! ! ! 

-We have done this many times and it has worked ! ! ! 

Book your place now online

Call   07760812579 or  01617902635

Revision Crash Courses would take place at our learning centre  at 11A, Memorial road, Walkden , Manchester, M28 3AQ.

We are happy to arrange accommodation for students coming from outside Manchester


College Tutors Private tuition matchmakers is a web-based private tutor and tutee matchmaker website . This is engineered  to revolutionize private  tuition  in the UK.  At , we believe that there is the appropriate tutor with the pre-requisite experience, educational or academic background and professional expertise fitting to address the needs of a tutee in different subject areas and at various levels. Tutees do not have a choice about the teachers they learn from in school but on our website they have a choice to browse through the profile of the tutors and make their choices based on the information viewed.

Information for tutees/parents
Tutees who wish to take advantage of private tuition in the UK   are welcomed to browse through the database. Parents and guardians are also invited to guide their children in their choices using this web-based service where possible. Having access to private tuition is one way of increasing the confidence of students and subsequently their performance in examinations. Educational research has shown that students are more comfortable and relaxed to learn with private tutors after school hours and also during term breaks. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to search our database of tutors and take the first step to improving your academic performance. Read more on ‘’ for tutees’’ (website link) to learn the suitability of the web-based service to meet your tuition needs.

Information for Tutors
Tutors who offer home and private tuition with the vision of improving the aptitude, confidence , examination skills and overall performance of students are invited to register their services on our website. Do you have the educational background and experience? Or do you just have the passion to teach? then advertise your services and we would showcase it to prospective tutees after we must have approved your membership to meet up with our standards. Read more on ‘’For tutors’’



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